So if you watch enough late night TV, you've seen the Shake Weight.  Whether it's women or men using the peice of work-out equipment, most people automatically think of one thing.  The back and forth motion of the Shake Weight has me wondering, If moving your arm back and forth quickly makes you ripped, how am I not a superhero?

While it is true the Shake Weight makes you look like you're giving someone an old fashioned, the truth behind the reported health benifits, is still to be determined.  According to their website

• Shake Weight® Utilizes New Workout Technology Called

Dynamic Inertia, which Increases Muscle Activity by More

Than 300% Compared to Traditional Weights

• Scientifically Proven Results

• Get Incredible Results in Just 6 Minutes a Day

Which basically is saying, Get results without much effort.

Photo by Majid Saeedi/Getty Images

Which kinda seems like a lot.  Even for these dudes above.  Naturally, people have put the Shake Weight to the test.  And it seems like most reviews are less than flattering.  Take workout website

Despite the fact that the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and back are not moving through a range of motion the makers of the Shake Weight claim to be able to deliver muscle and strength building results. This flies in the face of just about every bit of existing legitimate scientific data on the subject of muscle and strength building.

So there you have it.  Science says the Shake Weight doesn't work.  You'll just have to find something else to make that motion with.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images