Let's face it, some NES games were hard as ish. As an adult, I'm still kind of pissed that the game developers expected a nine-year old to be able to take down the impossibly difficult 'Friday the 13th.'

For some reason, I loved horror movies at an incredibly young age. Especially the 'Friday the 13th' films. Maybe it was the un-killable monster who always seemed to be a step ahead, maybe it was how cool he looked in that beat up hockey mask, most likely it was all the sweater puppies on display. Regardless of what hooked me on the movies, getting the video game when it dropped for Nintendo in 1989 was a no-brainer. Little did I know, it was a game that I would develop a lifelong love/hate relationship with.

Jason Voorhees' sole Nintendo outing was pretty cool. It had a terribly creepy soundtrack and was kind of hard to play without your back against a wall (I always jumped at noises behind me in the room while playing). The game may have taken liberties with the storyline, as I never recall seeing killer birds, zombies or anyone battling Mrs. Voorhees' floating severed head, but it was still oddly addictive.

The gameplay was pure garbage also. I seem to remember being really frustrated with navigating the map, as you would never be going the way you thought. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to getting anywhere, you just kind of ended up places. Trying to get back to the cabin before old Jason killed all your kids was pretty much a lost cause. They could've given you some cooler weapons too. Really? I'm supposed to kill Jason by throwing rocks at him?

I never beat the game until years later when a friend still had the game, a working Nintendo and a Game Genie...this was around 1996. I had to cheat to get to this ending that felt like the equivalent of being served a turd sandwich for lunch. After how difficult it was to get to the game's end, they really could've given you a more satisfying climax than this. Also, WTF is up with Jason's costume here...A purple suit and teal mask? Is he trying to kill me on the way to his tryout with the Charlotte Hornets?