When I saw this headline circulating, it immediately took me right back to my childhood.

Over the weekend, players showed up from all over the country to compete in Michigan's 7th Annual Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. The event was held at Detroit Beer Company and I'm extremely disappointed I didn't hear about it until now. I would have totally tried to compete in the tournament.

The tournament was broken down into three different skill levels: beginners, beginner to expert, and best of the best. Tim Ubick, from Menasha, Wisconsin took home the win and get his name on the Kumite Cup Champions trophy.

For those of you that are too young to remember, Tecmo Super Bowl was one of the greatest sports games ever for the old school, original Nintendo. I lived in Mississippi for five years when I was younger and we had a huge ice storm that took out the power to the city for five days straight. My friends and I spent most of those days at a friends house playing this game on a small TV hooked up to a generator. Good times.

Even watching this video and hearing the sounds of the game made me miss being a kid.

Source: MLive

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