An interesting study came out from the Journal of Urology recently.  The study used a decade of information about genitourinary injuries in American adults to compile the top 7 reasons for genital injuries.  According to The Atlantic, the number of genital injuries averages about 16,000 per year and men accounted for two-thirds of these.  Free Beer and Hot Wings discuss these findings and tell a few stories themselves.

See what the guys had to say about this peculiar study below.

I'm on the back of my Mom's bike... So, I slip and my balls go between the frame and the tire.  My little kid balls. - Producer Joe

The Atlantic listed the following reasons as the top 7 most reported genital injuring activities.

  1. Bicycles (1,212)
  2. Razors, scissors and clippers (1,089)
  3. Zippers (951)
  4. Bathroom falls and mishaps (818)
  5. Basketball (309)
  6. Baseball and softball (240)
  7. Skiing and snowboarding (182)