'The Walking Dead' goes from being the best show on TV to the best game that was never made for Nintentdo in this 8-bit re-imagining of the first two seasons.

It's too bad 'The Walking Dead' wasn't around back in the late 80s, when pretty much everything got its own terrible video game iteration. Hell, even 'Hudson Hawk' had an official Nintendo release and that was widely considered the worst movie of all time for several years after its release. My point is that a phenomenon as huge as 'The Walking Dead' would've for sure had a video game.

The best part about this game is that it skips through Season 2, which any fan will tell you had about 7-9 filler episodes, in just 2 minutes. The 8-bit version also reminds me a lot of a game I loved playing as a kid -- 'Commando' (which had nothing to do with the terribly awesome Schwarzenegger movie). I'd buy this for NES today if it were a real thing.

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