It's July, which means we are in the sports doldrums.  The good news is that sports, much like herpes, never really go away.  Thoughts on Tiger Woods, Dwight Howard's bitch ass, and the deepening Penn State story.

Golf: Tiger Woods Wins Again


So I've got to assume that Tiger Woods is back to banging porn stars and IHOP waitresses, because he's back to winning.  Tiger won his third title of 2012, passing Jack Nicklaus' in all time US PGA wins at the AT&T National, racking up his 73rd win.  Tiger is only behind Sam Sneed in all time wins, and while he may not be the Tiger of the early 2000's, many people are saying he's back to being the best golfer in the world.

NBA: Dwight Howard Wants Out Of Orlando, Again


Reports are coming out of Orlando that Dwight Howard wants out, and he wants to go to Brooklyn.  Rumors of Howard leaving the Magic have been swirling around for years, and frankly, they've gotten pretty old.  Howard now claims that the Magic brass blackmailed him to resign for another year, which is just ridiculous.  What did they blackmail you with, Dwight?  That you tried to bang a old porn hag while she was getting boned by a dude from N'Sync?  Oh wait, that story is already out there.

I'm so sick of how the NBA is letting their players run the league.  Don't get me wrong, players don't have to spend their entire career in one place, but the way that players are dictating the league is the reason why baseball and NASCAR are right on the heels of pro basketball in being America's other favorite sport.

College Football: Penn State Covers Up Jerry Sandusky's Sexual Abuse


I do not want to write about, talk about, or even think about Jerry Sandusky ever again, but this story will not go away.  Reports are coming out about top Penn State officials, including the university president, athletic director, and deceased head coach, Joe Paterno all knew and covered up Sandusky's reign of terror.  In February of 2001, emails were exchanged between the three men, regarding the shower incident where a assistant coach walked in on Sandusky raping a boy in Penn State showers.

According to CNN, Penn State officials "knew they had a problem with Sandusky after a 2001 shower incident, but apparently first decided to handle it using a 'humane' approach before contacting outside authorities whose job it is to investigate suspected abuse,"

Personally, the cover up of this story is more shocking than anything else.  Sandusky's crimes are beyond disgusting, but pedophiles are nothing new.  The fact that so many people put an athletic program above protecting children from a monster is disturbing and the people involved in the cover up should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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