I don't care if your shoes or anything you are wearing for that matter is valued at two-thousand dollars or $2 dollars - you do not deserve to be jumped by thieves. Unfortunately for one 17-year-old male, he was attacked by creeps who took his $2000 dollar Michael Jordan shoes. 

The altercation was caught on video, and I warn you it is graphic. The poor victim did not have a chance with three guys jumping him and beating on him. The whole thing is total BS. The unidentified NYC teen did not stand a chance, especially since the pussy robbers snuck up behind him. Reports indicate the victim did attempt to chase the thieves, but unfortunately, they got away - for a few minutes.

Get this, these fools attempted to sell the sneakers at a thrift store shortly after the robbery (second video below). The guys did not make a deal at the store, and as of now they have not been arrested. I am sure they will be very soon. Hello - there are cameras EVERYWHERE.

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