There is one parking lot in Grand Blanc that everyone is always complaining about. It's one of the most hated parking lots in Genesee County.

Residents complain the parking lot is too small, too congested, and poorly designed. While all of that may be true, it's still not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Of course, we're talking about Grand Blanc's Kroger parking lot. I see people complaining about this parking nonstop on the Grand Blanc Resident's Facebook page. If you mention Kroger or Grand Blanc parking lots, get ready for an earful from people that struggle to navigate through the "poorly designed" parking lot.

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Is it really as bad as everyone says? I say, no. If you stop fighting to park in the center of the parking lot and focus more on the parking spaces towards the outside of the lot, you won't have a problem. I always just park in the outer spots on the north side of the parking lot and can always find a spot. Not to mention, it's not as congested on that side.

A lot of people just feel that they have to get as close as possible to the doors. So they circle and circle the parking lot just waiting for that perfect spot. Look, a few extra steps aren't going to kill you.

I also suggest shopping outside of peak times, if possible. Try to shop early in the morning if you can.

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I'm not saying it's the best parking lot in the world but it's definitely not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

With my luck, someone will back into my truck while I'm there tomorrow and I'll have to rewrite this article with an entirely different point of view lol.

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