Grand Blanc Township Supervisor, Scott Bennett, has announced that thousands of jobs could be coming to the area.

It is being said that one possible employer alone could bring as many as 2,000 jobs alone. This is great news for the area! The only downside is that they are being very tight-lipped about these developments. Due to some confidentiality agreements, not only is the employer unknown, we also don't know the timeline that we could start to see these companies come in.

We do know a few things though. "Tech Village" is a spot in Grand Blanc Township, south of Baldwin Road, that is a big area ready for development. Also, Grand Blanc Township has plans to become one of the best locations to live and work in this county.

In the near future, Aldi is opening up a new location near Kohl's and PetSmart and the township has plans to add more parks and trails. I personally can't wait for these things to happen. I live pretty close to the downtown Grand Blanc area and would love to see more options for work, food, and other things.

Source: ABC 12

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