Miguel Cabrera's season is done after rupturing a tendon in his left bicep after a swing and miss on a pitch Tuesday versus the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park.

The 35-year-old All-Star first baseman for the Tigers received the news after an MRI was done after the game that the 2018 season is done. Only playing in 38 games this season and already having a stint on the disabled list for other injuries could we be seeing the end of a hall of fame career?

Watching Cabrera play for the Tigers over the past decade has been somewhat magical and to see a player such as him decline due to injuries is painful, not only as a fan, but also a former player. He will be having surgery to repair the tendon and if all goes well we might see him back just in time for opening day 2019. We will just have to wait to see the slugger back in the old English D. Hopefully in good enough shape to hit his 500th home run and get to that 3,000 hit benchmark.

Source: MLive.com

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