Timberlee Hills Snow Tubing in Traverse City has done something unlike anything I've ever seen before. We've all at one point or another done things like glow golf or laser tag, but they've taken that experience and brought it to the hills as they've recently launched their own Glow tubing. The event sold out super fast and the next event for March 6th is already sold out, but they've encouraged interested parties to keep an eye out for openings and future dates.

They offered a first hand look on their Facebook, celebrating their first successful night, saying: "Well, we think it’s safe to say that the FIRST EVER glow tubing night on Saturday was a giant success- thanks to you all! It was a late night for our beloved Hill Boys, but SO much fun was had by ALL and we can’t wait to do it again on March 6th!"

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Strangely enough, Traverse City has had some warmer weather for this time of the year. The brutal winter storm we faced a few weeks ago in mid- February all but passed them. Luckily they let everyone one know that worst case scenario, they have a backup plan:

For those of you wondering about the warmer temps and condition of the hill, we were able to get an amazing base down this year, followed by a few big dumps of snow on top! With that being said, the hill is still in great shape for tubing! And as of right now, we are not concerned about it for this weekend or even the next. The snow gun will be up and running at night during the colder temps as well.

How Do I Get Tickets Once They Become Available

Currently guests are required to reserve a tubing time, purchase tickets, and complete waivers in advance online which can only be done through their website ONLY (not over the phone or Facebook messenger). They're asking that guests arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time with ticket confirmation and signed waivers for all participants.

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