In honor of their 92 birthday, 7-Eleven is offering up a free small Slurpee at participating locations.

According to WXYZ, the first 7-Eleven store opened in Texas in 1927, the company has been celebrating its birthday with free Slurpees for over a decade.

While this is awesome for a lot of people that live near a 7-Eleven, many of us in the Flint area would have to take a road trip in order to get one since all of our locations have closed up. If you live in Flint, I think the closest location would probably be in Birch Run. I love me a Slurpee but not enough to drive that far.

The Swartz Creek location was the last standing 7-Eleven in Genesee County but it closed back in 2018.

The company continues to open up hundreds of locations every year around the US but as of right now they don't have any plans of bringing any new locations to Genesee County according to an MLive report from 2015.