Pizza is a food that most of us can agree on. That being said - picking toppings with a group of people can be a problem. Today, however, we put all of the toppings aside. Today is National Cheese Pizza Day!

I will pretty much eat any topping on a pizza. I prefer more veggies than meat though. I am also a fan on a topping that causes much debate - pineapple. I will definitely not complain about a cheese pizza. There are lots of reasons to love a cheese pizza. Depending on where you order from you can get some pretty great cheeses on your pie. How about feta, burrata, goat cheese, Vermont cheddar, provolone or ricotta? Of course, you can always go with mozzarella. All of the above are fine choices.

We kick off the Banana Bad Bowlers league tonight at Grand Blanc Lanes. I will be celebrating there with a slice of cheese pizza and four tequila shots. How will you be celebrating?