In my mind, today is the official first day of spring as it is National Oberon Day. If you want to drink and enjoy the day, they will even send your boss an excuse to get you out of work, no joke!

That is how amazing Bell's Brewery, Inc. and Oberon are! They have taken the time to create an "Excuse Generator" that will directly email your boss and get you out of work. Well, depending on how cool your boss is anyway. Since Tony LaBrie is off today, I tried to email my next hire up to get the day off.

This is what our friends at Oberon sent my boss.

Oberon Day 2

This was his response...M***** F*****!!!!

Oberon Day 1

I now know the true reason behind Tony's vacation. Also, I have placed bets with the three people left in the office today to see if Maggie makes it in today. If she doesn't, I'm going to make a lot of money and will be buying all the Oberon tonight!

Try it for yourself here! Be safe and enjoy National Oberon Day!