If you were planning to send something to someone in hopes of it getting to them by Christmas, you better get it out today.

According to WDIV, FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service all are preparing for an influx of customers with packages and Christmas cards.

It's crunch time, if you don't get your gifts and cards out today, they won't make it in time for Christmas. I ordered the last of my presents last night so I think I'm in good shape aside from the fact that I have to physically go out and finish the rest of my shopping. This is something I dread big time.

It's absolutely insane to think that there are two billion packages and pieces of mail going through the mail. I mean, everything goes through the mail these days. I order just about everything I want from Amazon. Hell, even my dog food gets delivered to my house cause it's a lot cheaper that way.

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