The first thought I had when I saw this was whoever came up with this idea must have raised a lot of boys and was sick and tired of cleaning up after them.

Potty training boys can be a little more difficult than with girls. Not only do kids have to learn how to recognize bodily urges, but boys have to learn how to handle an extra piece of "equipment," which can be a learning curve all on its own. Parents across the world can now make this process a little fun with this bullseye night light.

Toddler Target via Amazon
Toddler Target via Amazon

The motion activated light attaches to the back of the toilet seat and gives the little one something to aim at. It can even help the little ladies as it also can be a night light for the late night trips to the bathroom. I know some adult men that would also use this on those nights of having a few too many adult beverages. I can hear some of you now going "pew, pew, pew" while emptying the tank.


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