Another year, another April Tools prank. This time, Tool messed with fans by posting a “new song” on Twitter, “Sounds of Night Crickets.”

Tool’s rich history of April Fools pranks has scared the crap out of fans in the past. In 1997, Tool pranked fans with a fake bus crash. In 2001, Tool wrote that Danny Carey had parted ways with the band. 2005 brought an epic prank that convinced people that Maynard James Keenan had put 10,000 Days on hold after he “found Jesus,” which made its way across online Christian forums.

With new Tool music (sort of) expected to drop this year and Danny Carey predicting an April release, Tool’s latest prank was a brutal and hilarious one:

Yep, it’s literally just 37 minutes of cricket noises. Here’s some of the best fan responses to the prank:

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