I have no idea who Fred is, what he does, where he is, nothing, but I want to try all these drinks this weekend.

If you are looking to entertain or party, as most people do on a holiday weekend here, is a good place to start. After a quick search of the internets, here are five drinks that are pretty simple to pull together to serve over the Memorial Day Weekend holiday.

First up, the Red, White, and Blue Margarita. There are multiple ingredients in this one including Agave Tequila, Cointrea, strawberries, strawberry liqueur, Blue Curacao, and margarita mix.

Second, Jack Daniels Peach Tea. You'll need Jack Daniels, Peach Puree, sweet tea, and mint. The third drink is a Red, White, and Blue Sangria. Check out the video for this one and all of the ingredients.

Next up is the "Summer Hummer," which is a hilarious name. All you need is coconut rum, banana liqueur, and orange juice. Finally, try the True Blue Cocktail. This one has a Michigan feel with the ginger ale added in.

Poof, you're drunk for the weekend. You're welcome!

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