By now, everyone knows that 'Batman v Superman' was filmed in Michigan, but did you know you can take a Google Maps tour of Bruce Wayne's Lake House/Batcave located in Lake Orion, Michigan? 

Despite some websites acting like they were put on this earth to aggressively convince you that 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' is an utter piece of garbage and you should not spend money to see it -- the movie made a boatload of money during its opening weekend. I actually quite enjoyed it, and I'm not just saying that because I was an extra in the film. I only made around $67 for my involvement, and I'm pretty sure you can't even see me in the final cut (but I can't confirm that until the Bluray hits stores in July). I don't get any extra money for saying it's good, and it is good. Critics be damned.

Michiganders have an extra reason to watch 'Batman v Superman' though -- most of it was filmed here. This is easily the biggest film ever made in The Mitten, and there are several recognizable Detroit landmarks to be seen within. There's even an app that will show you the real world location of each scene shot in and around The D -- it's called Batman v Superman Tour and is available for free in the App Store.

The app does leave out a few Michigan locations though. Most notably, Bruce Wayne's lake house. I'm fairly certain they demolished the house seen in the film, which was reportedly built on the Metamora set near Otsikita Lake, but according to a new Google Map feature -- it was in Lake Orion Township. Either way, you can still take a guided tour around the joint via Google Maps.

Not only do you get a good look at Bruce Wayne's digs, but you can scope out all his gadgets in the Batcave. My favorite part is that you can totally check out (the presumably dead) Robin's costume, and can now clearly see that it has short sleeves and built-in Daisy Dukes. I really hope that he was wearing another layer under there before Joker (probably) killed him. Stop trying to make short-shorts happen, Robin. They're never going to happen.

To take the tour, Google Map search the term "Bruce Wayne's residence" and it will take you to Lake Orion, where you can jump to street view and roam around the joint at your whimsy... or you can just look below. Don't touch the Batmobile though. Not even Alfred gets to touch the Batmobile.