Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has now been taking on haters via Twitter for over two weeks. The latest installment of the social media epic features a Trapt parody account, which Brown has now threatened to sue.

Initially, Brown responded to actor Chris Evans on Twitter after he criticized one of President Trump’s press conferences on coronavirus. Along with defending Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic and the president’s use of the term “Chinese virus,” Brown has been stating that white privilege doesn’t exist while defending himself against Twitter users labeling him as racist and xenophobic.

After online fights with over a dozen rock and metal bands, a Trapt parody account appeared, which at first, was almost indistinguishable from the official @TRAPTOFFICIAL account. Instead, the second ‘I’ in “OFFICIAL” was replaced with a lowercase L, leaving the lack of a verified check mark as the only noticeable different between the official and parody Trapt pages.

One parody tweet even went semi-viral:

Brown eventually noticed the account and threatened to sue the mystery tweeter:

It’s not going to be hard to find out who you are and sue you... You know that right? Screenshots of the whole thing. In order to violate our impersonation policy, the account must portray another entity in a misleading or deceptive manner. Many tweets u sent have done this. Bye

The troll responded, “this is my first amendment right #maga” before Brown added:

The troll’s response?

The parody account now uses the spelling “TRAAPT” and writes “not to be confused with trapt” in their bio.

Update: Chris Taylor Brown now says since the parody account added an extra 'A', he's no longer interested in pursuing legal action.

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