I never really understood the phrase 'sleep like a baby'.  I have a niece who is a baby and she wakes up every other hour during the night.  Why would I want to do that?  Nonetheless, a new chair on the market apparently can help you 'sleep like a baby', it is called Womb chair.

According to the Daily Mail the chair is portable and designed so you can set it up anywhere you feel like taking a nap.  Sometimes I feel like taking a nap at work, I wonder if my boss, Tony LaBrie will go for that?  Actually a portable sleeping chair is not a bad idea.  Think about the times your significant other is snoring, just pack up the pod and move to another room. Yes!

I do not have a degree in marketing, but I think if they called it 'Vagina Chair" they might sell more.  Look at it.  Seriously.