Shocking video shows what appears to be a person driving a truck intentionally running a vehicle off Dort Highway and directly into the steel beams that hold The Machine Shop marquee.

While it's tough to say what exactly happened here, we can definitively say that a car crashed into a utility pole (reportedly snapping it in two) and then The Machine Shop's sign as a result of some sort of road rage incident. The crash also caused the power to go out in the area.

According to the Facebook comments and info we've received since publishing this article, there were four subjects in the vehicle that crashed. It would appear that no one was seriously injured, as there was nothing in the post indicating anything of that nature, which is very lucky from the looks of it. There do seem to be some discrepancies on exactly how this began, as there were some comments claiming the vehicles were "chasing each other" and some claiming this had something to do with a previous non-vehicular altercation between two individuals.

We can neither confirm nor deny any of these reports, but we can say that this video is terrifying. We hope that all involved parties are okay and urge those involved to handle themselves more responsibly on the road. This easily could have turned deadly for any of those involved or even innocent bystanders.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of the article said there were three individuals in the vehicle that crashed, and did not include the information about the utility pole or power outage.

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