A family from Tuscola is still shaken up and recovering after a vehicle travelling at roughly 80mph slammed through their home while they were sleeping over the weekend.

According to ABC12, the crash happened on North Street in Tuscola just northeast of Frankenmuth. Police believe the driver may have been drunk or high when he blew a stop sign, went airborne and flew into the house.

There were six family members in the house including an 8-month-old who was in a playpen and got thrown across the room after the impact. She is expected to be okay after suffering minor injuries.

The good news is, all of the family members are okay. The bad news, the house is unsalvageable as it was pushed off its foundation by four or five inches.

The driver was only 19 years old and found unresponsive in the vehicle. He was taken to the hospital.

This family is freaking lucky as hell especially the poor little girl that was launched across the room.