The Trump administration is sending millions of rapid diagnosis COVID-19 tests to Michigan.

Around three million Abbott BinaxNOW tests are being sent to Michigan from the Trump Administration. These COVID-19 tests can produce results as to whether or not a person has the COVID-19 virus in just 15 minutes.

Where will these tests be distributed in Michigan? Governor Gretch Whitmer will distribute the tests to support testing of K-12 students, teachers, nursing home patients and staff, higher education, critical infrastructure, first responders, and other priorities at her discretion.

To facilitate the continued re-opening of Michigan schools, businesses, and economy, the Trump Administration has prioritized scaling up the state’s point of care testing capacity by making this $760 million national investment in BinaxNOW tests...Distributing these rapid tests directly to states is consistent with the Trump Administration’s successful, ongoing approach of testing the right person, with the right test at the right time, is working and the effort will continue until the pandemic is under control...said Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Giroir, MD. 

As of Monday, October 26th, the Trump Administration has already shipped close to 873,000 BinaxNOW rapid tests to the state. Of those, around 210,000 tests have shipped directly to Michigan nursing homes, assisted living facilities, other congregate care centers, and historically black colleges and universities.

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Hopefully, more of these tests will be available to everyone in Michigan and across the country for that matter. The faster the results the better off we will all be.

This year has definitely been insane for sure, but on the bright side, we only have two months left of 2020. After that, we can then focus on what kind of dumpster fire 2021 will be.


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