The Banana Bad Golfers League is back in action tonight.

I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by! We are down to our two final weeks of the Banana Bad Golfers League. Tonight we compete in our overall position round to find the best and worst of the league. That means it is a perfect night for you to stop by Swartz Creek Golf Course and have some dollar beers with us.

Just because you are not in the league doesn't mean you can enjoy a Wednesday night filled with dollar beers on the patio of Deno's Shot of the Day Bar & Grill. Our golfing begins at 3 pm but the party goes on all night so stop by and see us.

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We have a blast Wednesday nights and if you want to get in on the action, the Banana 101.5 Bad Bowlers League is starting in September. Get your team of four ready as registration will open next Wednesday, August 18th at 10 am. Join us!

As we move into our final round of play (that counts towards scoring anyway) here is where our teams stand overall:

  • First Place Overall - Chris Monroe Owes Us Money with 244.5 points
  • Second Place Overall - Pass the Green with 239.5 points
  • Third Place Overall - We Kilt the Birdies with 239 points
  • Fourth Place Overall - You Wanna Have One with 235.5 points

Battling it out for Worst Place we have Twisted Sisters (158.5 points) up against The Vicious C's (153.5 points.)

The coveted Highest Handicap title is also on the line tonight. For nine seasons straight, The Vicious C's have held this honor, but are at risk of losing it this week. Twisted Sisters and Clueless Chicks could dethrone the queens of handicap. We will find out tonight! See you then.

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