Island Resort and Casino was scheduled to open its' doors today, but will now remain closed until May 16th. 

Last week, Island Resort and Casino in Michigan's Upper Peninsula announced that they would be opening to the public today, May 6th. The original plans were for the slots to be open today, followed by the golf courses on Friday, and the hotel itself next week. According to an announcement on their Facebook page last night, Island Resort and Casino has pushed back the opening until May 16th. The reason listed was "unforeseen circumstances."

Island Resort and Casino also announced on Monday that the Midwest Poker Challenge Finale and World Series of Poker Finale are postponed until further notice.

Obviously, this is a hot topic for almost everyone in Michigan. Some being for it and hoping that they reopen as soon as possible and some feeling the opposite. This story is not meant to spark a war in the comments. We all have our own opinions and beliefs and that's great! Fighting about it isn't worth it. Remember, it is 100% okay to disagree with someone and still be friends.

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Trust me, there is nothing I would rather be doing right now than being in a casino in Las Vegas or relaxing on the beach in Florida. We all just have to be patient at the moment. I'm just clinging to the memories of my last trip where I came back with more money than what I went with. Thank you again to "The Walking Dead" slots!


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