A video has recently surfaced from a few months back that shows a U-haul truck flying down the highway with a blown front tire and a blaze of sparks blasting out the back end. The video {shown below} was captioned with the headline, "On the Lodge with it," which regardless of what area of Detroit it was shot at, kind of fits. In fact, I think anytime you see something ridiculous in the Detroit area on the highway, the term "We On The Lodge Wid It" will always gonna come up.

This of course is a nod to the video which surfaced three years ago and sparked a city-wide police investigation after cars were seen spinning wheels and doing donuts on The Lodge in Detroit, with many vehicles stopped on the Lodge to allow the drivers to have fun before taking off and freeing up the backed up traffic.

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This new video was captured on Instagram from what appears to be in Southfield and the U-Haul is clearly in distress (notice the hazard lights) and shows the front driver's side tire blown out, with the rotor or rim dragging along the pavement sending a shower of sparks behind it, and the comment section is, naturally, on fire:

Well at least he’s got his hazards on so everyone sees that his vehicle has a problem


On the Lodge with it lol. That’s gonna cost more them 19.99 . Hope cuz got that insurance on it.


My homie is definitely listening to Free Bird rn

[Video contains adult language]

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