If you were to put a time capsule together to be opened 25 years from now what would you put in it?

Shenandoah University in Virginia recently opened a time capsule during their homecoming that was put in the ground from the graduating class of 1993 and there were some interesting things inside it.

A lot has happened over the last 25 years if you think about it. Fashion trends coming and going, the big Y2K scare and the emergence of the internet to smartphones just to name a few things. I mean who would have thought that we would have the things that we do today back then?

The class of 1993 at Shenandoah University gave us a glimpse back to simpler times. Inside the capsule were cassette tapes, a few photos from their homecoming that year  (those dresses and hair OMG) and even a pack of condoms that expired in 97. I think something like this would be fun to do. Take a look back one day and see what we were doing in the year 2018.

Source: Cnet.com

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