It all makes sense to me now! For years we've been making jokes about the planet Uranus (your anus...get it?) and there's even been the debate about the actual pronunciation...but not anymore.

In a recent study, researchers found that much of the upper atmosphere of Uranus is hydrogen sulfide. In case you didn't know that's the same compound responsible for some not so awesome odors here on Earth. Yes, I'm talking about farts and rotten eggs.

If a human were to actually descend on the planet, they would be greeted with the most Godawful air biscuit known to man. Don't worry though, it's more than likely that man will never step foot on the brown cloud planet ever. Because according to scientists, suffocation, and exposure in the negative 200 degrees Celsius atmosphere made of mostly hydrogen, helium, and methane would take its toll long before the smell.

The closest comparison I can make to the atmosphere on Uranus is walking into my 12-year-old's bedroom. The atmosphere is thick and stinks of nothing but ass.


Source: USA Today