I really don't understand why so many people hate on Valentines Day.  Go ahead and say it's a Hallmark Holiday, but it's not going anywhere, and every woman expects something every February 14th, even if you agreed you weren't going to do anything special.  If you don't do anything special, she might not be mad, but she'll be disappointed.  If you wanna look like the man, with minimal time, money, and effort, follow these tips.

Honestly, guys, don't you want your woman happy?  Keep her feeling special and you'll be rewarded tenfold.  She wants you do to something for Valentines Day, even if she said she doesn't.  It's not about the money spent though, it's about the thought.  It's about making her feel good.  And doing that doesn't have to be all that complicated.  It's just showing her that you value her.  Here are some cheap, quick, easy ways to do that.

  • Write her a letter-This has to be first on the list, because it works every time and in every way.  First of all, your girl will love it.  Even if you aren't the most poetic or well spoken, as long as you speak from the heart, think before you write, and reread before giving it to her, you'll be golden.  Don't freak out about spelling and grammar, but try not to look like an idiot and make sure your handwriting is legible.  Bonus points if you write it in cursive.  The letter is also as close to free as possible, and shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes.
  • Focus on her-This is another easy way to make your woman happy this Valentines Day.  Just by taking her feelings and tastes into consideration, you'll score huge points.  Watch her favorite show, talk about what's on her mind, and compliment something about her specifically.  Women love attention.  You'll score even more points if you go outside of your comfort zone for her.
  • Cook- Staying home and making dinner is number 1 going to save you money and number 2 going to make you look awesome.  Cooking really isn't that hard.  If you're already good in the kitchen, make her favorite dish.  If you suck in the kitchen, cook together.  Ask for her help, make sure you try your hardest, have a sense of humor about everything, and make sure you do all the cleaning.  She'll eat it up.
  • Make Something-This is another can't fail.  As long as you put a little thought and a personal touch on things, it doesn't even matter if what you makes sucks.  A home made card with hand drawn stick figures and construction paper hearts will impress her way more than something you bought at the drug store.  Try to include an inside joke somewhere.
  • Get Sexy-I'm not talking about the average run of the mill romp here either.  Step it up on Valentines Day.  Getting her in the mood should be an all day job.  Smack her ass, send her a dirty text message, tell her how much you want her.  If you do a good job doing this, she'll be all over you.  And when that happens, level up.  Pleasure her, do her favorite position, pleasure her, try a new position, pleasure her, try it in a new place, pleasure her.  Make sure she knows its about her and she'll return the favor.

You can do all of these things guys.  They aren't expensive, time consuming, or even hard to accomplish.  If you can do all of these things for you girl on Valentines Day and even beyond, she'll think you're awesome.

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