The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has shut down liquor sales for four Grand Rapids Griffins games after selling alcohol to minors.

Fans of the Grand Rapids Griffins are going to have to spend four games in October without the ability to buy booze. Back in March, two underage patrons were able to buy alcohol at the arena. Because of the violation, the Van Andel Arena will not be able to sell any alcohol at the Griffins games on October 23rd, 25th, 26th, and 30th. No alcohol will be able to be consumed in the suites or hospitality areas either. Normal house rules still apply and no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the arena for those games either.

This was Van Andel Arena's first violation since 2011 and they had to pay a total of $3,800 in fines for the incident.  Going forward, arena staff and managers will use a new ID checking procedure to make sure it doesn't happen again. To see more on the story, click here. 

Source: MLive

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