It looks like the worlds of grocery shopping and taking your pets to the vet are about to collide. It seems Walmart will be expanding walk-in veterinary clinics to more store locations.

According to WXYZ, Essentials PetCare announced Tuesday clinics will be headed to nine stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. They'll provide routine vaccinations and treatment for a variety of minor illnesses, such as ear infections, common skin conditions, and urinary issues.

If your pet has a more serious problem, it's suggested you take them to their normal veterinary.

Don't get too excited and try taking your pet into a Walmart in Michigan looking for the clinic as it's not available just yet. There's no word if Essentials PetCare will even be coming to Michigan but we'll keep you posted.

Seem like a good idea to me until someone's dog goes crazy and rips out my throat while I'm shopping for bacon.

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