I have a huge fear of snakes so I don't know why I watched this but I'm glad I did because it's cool as hell watching this giant Reticulated Python swallow an entire deer whole.

This thing is massive and even capable of catching and swallowing crocodile whole or in this case, a deer. It's hard to imagine but once you realize that this python is a wide as a human, it then becomes more believable. Well, you won't have to imagine as you can watch this awesomeness go down in the video above.

The part that I thought was really fascinating was how this snake would force its windpipe out of its mouth to avoid suffocation. Also how its heart and liver would increase in size by 40% while digesting the deer.

I can't even comprehend what it would feel like to stand next to a snake of this magnitude...hopefully I'll never be in that situation.

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