The Starlink Satellite train has caused UFO reports to be made, and they'll be flying over Genesee County tonight.

Starlink is the satellite internet project launched by SpaceX in 2019 to provide satellite internet access around the world. The project involves thousands of low orbiting satellites networking together. Don't expect to look up and see thousands of dots moving together, the satellites operate in multiple smaller trains. Each train is roughly 20 satellites long, and moves in a straight line across the sky.

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The project hasn't been secret, but I don't think most of the general public realized what it would look like when it was operating. That's what has lead to so many reports of UFO's when the trains fly overhead.

The satellite's are in such a low orbit, that if it were just one dot, you might confuse it for an airplane. That's why so many people are freaked out when they see 20 of these dots float across the sky in sync.

Luckily people much smarter than us have started a website that tracks the Starlink path, so you know when it will be visible in your area. They even have a feature where you can be emailed an alert when the Starlink train will be flying overhead. They've even developed apps for Apple and Android to track the path of the satellite trains.

Right now the Starlink-6 train is scheduled to fly over Michigan tonight shortly after sunset. According to the Starlink tracker, this is a very bright train, and should be visible on a clear night. Luckily, there are supposed to be nothing but crystal clear skies tonight across Genesee County. Check out the approximate times that the train will be visible tonight.

  • June 8th at 10:20pm. Look from Southwest to Northeast.                                         Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 84°, end: 10°
  • June 9th at 4:45am Look from Northwest to Southeast                                             Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 51°, end: 10°
  • June 10th at 3:45am Look from Northwest to Southeast                                           Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 66°, end: 10°

Each of the trains lasts about 6 minutes, and keep in mind that none of the times are exact, so you should get out a little early and be patient.


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