Rob Bliss stood on various street corners in Harrison, Arkansas holding a Black Lives Matter Sign, and the reactions he recorded are disgusting.

**Please be aware that this video contains extremely offensive language and actions.

In the beginning of the video Bliss proclaims that Harrison is the most racist town in America. Before I watched the video, I automatically discredited him a little bit for making such a bold sweeping statement. I did a little research to verify the claims, and while there's no solid proof, Bliss is definitely not the only person to label Harrison that way.

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I can say that after watching the video, I wouldn't argue with anyone proclaiming Harrison as the most racist city in America. I was honestly shocked by the amount of open hate that was projected at Bliss as he stood with his sign.

Normally I wouldn't put something like this out there, because I hate adding to all of the negativity in the world. There is a bright spot to this video though, and it happens toward the end. If you can't stomach the hatred, just skip to the 2:00 mark of the video and read the note a person hands him.

Obviously any common sense person would ask why Bliss is doing this. Is it to raise awareness or for some sort of personal gain? Some on the right would even call Bliss an agitator, and that's exactly what happened when the city of Harrison officially responded.

There is another bright spot to this story. If you followed the link to the city Facebook page, you'll notice a lot of supportive comments for Bliss.

I would like to think that this is an isolated incident that could never happen in Michigan or Genesee County. There have been individuals standing with Black Lives Matter signs, and I have only noticed support from passersby. I hope that we can continue to break down the barrier of hatred and move forward in a more positive direction.


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