Since all of their live shows for this year have been canceled, the guys (and Kelly Cheese) are once again doing a Live at Night Show. Instead of doing the show from a special location, they'll do it live on Facebook and from the studio tonight.

Join The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show on their Facebook page tonight, May 8th at 7 PM and hang out for a couple of hours! It doesn’t replace the live shows that they had to cancel, but it’ll still a total blast.

This will be the 3rd Live at Night Show they have done since the world pretty much shut down. Tonight they'll play some games, take calls and basically just do an extended version of Segment 17, but available for everyone. No rules, no FCC and no tickets required!

The Live at Night Show gives listeners of The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show on Banana 101.5  an opportunity to see a different side of Free Beer, Hot wings, Joe, Steve, and Kelly. You thought you laughed a lot in the morning just wait until you see this. You might want to keep the kids out of the room while you're watching because things can get pretty raunchy.

We're still bummed that we had to postpone the live show scheduled for April 17th but don't worry, it will get rescheduled.

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