If you listened to The Free Beer and Hot Wings show today or your tune in tomorrow, you'll notice the guys are running their "best of" material due to a tragedy that took place in the building over the weekend.

If you're a frequent listener of the show, you know the Free Beer and Hot Wings building in Grand Rapids has been under construction for some time now. Over the weekend, one of the construction workers was struck and killed by a piece of falling debris from the building. OSHA shut down the construction while they investigate, which means they are not allowed in the building for the time being. They're hoping to be able to get back into the building by Wednesday.

According to ABC13, the worker was on the ground at 50 Monroe Avenue when the wood fell around 2 p.m. Police say they aren't sure what floor it fell from, and wind may have contributed. The wood was 2-by-12 inches and 20 feet long.

The guys recently posted a funny video that featured the building under construction.

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