If you listen even once a week to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show, you have more than likely heard about the construction in the building the show broadcasts from. They decided to give a tour of it this morning to show you the progress. 

Each and every morning, the guys from the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show go to great lengths to keep you entertained. That means that they even risk their lives to broadcast from a building that is being renovated. If you don't believe the risks check out the video below.

The process started months ago as the old building was in need of some maintenance. Once crews got going, the project snowballed and the whole building need more love than most thought. The guys are about the only ones allowed in the building outside of construction crews during the renovation. They really take the old adage of "show must go on" to a new level. Maggie and I would have just found a way to broadcast from a bar or something during the remodel.

Source: FBHW