The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Holiday Break-In is back!!!

Each year around the holidays, we make it a point to stop our normal antics for just one day to do something good and use the reach that Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has to help out a family in need in Genesee County.

With many families still struggling as we continue to climb out of the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, this year could be more important than ever. With the holidays approaching, many people will simply not be able to provide for their families and we want to help.

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Now is your time to act if you know a family that is struggling. Families in need can be nominated by you, our listeners. We will then go through those nominations and select the deserving recipients. Our goal has always been to select the families that we can help the most. If we select the family that you nominate, you will then become our "accomplice" and will help us throughout the entire process: shopping for the family, getting the family out of the house, the actual break-in, etc.).

Thankfully, as we approach one of the most stressful holiday seasons ever, we have a lot of great people and businesses stepping up and are ready to help our community. Big thanks to Shea Automotive Group, Dort Financial Credit Union, Ben's Great Outdoors, Timothy's Pub,, HMC Detailing and Ceramic Pros of Fenton, JD's Gardening Supply, Delta Tire, and Exit 13 Haunted House. With help from you and all of our great sponsors, we will definitely be able to help a family in need this year.

On the day of the Break-In, the Banana crew, with the help of a locksmith and local police, will literally break into the recipients' home and leave them a holiday season they may not have, decorations, gifts, everything.

No notes will be left. There will be no TV cameras or reporters. Everything is completely anonymous. This is done solely with the intent to provide these families with something that they are financially unable to provide themselves.

If you know a Genesee County family in need this holiday season, you'll be able to nominate them through a link on our website starting on Monday. Please provide us with as many details as possible such as the number of children, ages, parents' work hours and anything else you think would help. All we ask is that you do not nominate yourself, or those you live with. And please, keep it a secret from those nominated!

Make your nominations now! We have been doing this for years now and it really is our most favorite thing to do every year! Click here to listen to last year's Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Holiday Break-In.


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