The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Holiday Break-In is my favorite thing that we do every year by far!

Working at the Banana, Tony, Maggie, Derek, and I get to do a lot of cool things every year. Whether it be meeting bands, hanging backstage at concerts, etc..., we get to have a lot of sweet experiences. However, the most impactful thing to us each year is the Holiday Break-In. It is the most humbling and exciting experience for us.

When the submissions start rolling in, it makes us realize just how fortunate we are. Some of the things we take for granted may be considered luxuries to some people out there. We have read some straight-up heartbreaking stories about families right here in our community. This just fuels our drive to do the best we can for the family or families that get selected for help.

Many years ago, when I was really struggling as a single dad, I was the recipient of a gift similar to this. I had gone Christmas shopping and put quite a few things in lay-away for my family. One day when I went in to make a payment, I was told that the bill was paid off by an anonymous donor. I was floored at the generosity of a person I will never be able to thank. The different emotions that hit me that year are emotions I'll never forget. The Holiday Break-In gives me the chance every year to make sure that at least one family feels those same emotions.

The bottom line is that hitting hard times can happen to anyone at any time. Never be ashamed or hesitant to give or accept help in your life. Acts like this change people for the better!

With that said, we want to know about families that are struggling this year. Nominate them now and let us know everything you possibly can about their situation. What's the struggle? How can we help? What do they need, food, clothing, etc? How many people are in the family? Just don't tell them that you nominated them. All they need to know is that someone in their community is looking out for them and that there are still good people in the world.

This wouldn't be possible without our friends from the Genesee County Walmart locations, The Ally Challenge, and Dort Federal Credit Union! So, nominate a family in need now for the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Holiday Break-In here. 

Holiday Break-In

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