The Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-In is by far the most rewarding thing that we do all year on Banana 101.5. We get to provide a Christmas for a struggling family that would more than likely have to skip it altogether.

We've been doing the Holiday Break-In for a long time but this past year's (2018) break-in was by far the hardest yet. The family that was picked was going through absolute hell with the loss of a loved one. Their story moved me so much, it literally brought me to tears. I don't want to say too much about what happened because I'd really like you to listen for yourself, which you can do down below.

If you know a family that is hurting this holiday season and you would like to help bring them even just a little bit of joy, please nominate them here. Remember we do this in secrecy so don't tell the family you are nominating them.

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