I have to say I am pretty impressed by this. First of all, I have tried to solve a Rubik's cube and I suck at it. Second, to solve it while doing a live broadcast is even more challenging. 

About the only thing that we could do to compare to this is taking shots during a broadcast. Weather reporter Lauren Olesky, in West Palm Beach, Florida has us beat. This is a level of multi-tasking I will never unlock.

Before she starts her report, one of the anchors is playing with the Rubik Cube. I'm not sure if he was trying to solve it or just scramble it up. Either way, he hands it to Olesky as she starts her forecast. After receiving it, she sets the graphics on autopilot and looks as if she has the weather memorized for the upcoming days. The report went a little bit long but she was able to do it.

At the end, she mutters that she needs a raise. I agree as it is the second most entertaining weather report I've ever seen. The first is also posted below.

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