You may or may not have heard that the TV show 'COPS' followed the Flint Police Department around not too long ago. Here is some extra footage from the show.

In this particular piece of footage, Officer Vinnie Villarreal and fellow officers were responding to a group fight in Flint. Upon arriving, Flint's finest came across "Flint's finest" while arguing in the street. The clip starts with the police trying to regain order while one particular woman was yelling and cussing nonstop. Some of the people at the scene said the argument was over heroin, others said it was over tearing down a fence, and others didn't recognize those involved.

The whole video is just sad. Having been all over Flint doing live broadcasts and working at bars all over town, this happens way too much. An argument starts and those involved yell and scream until they get put in a cell. It's real simple. Stop fighting with each other and stop yelling at police and you'll be fine.

Source: COPS

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