For years, Wendy’s has been serving up brutal roasts from its Twitter account. Hot off the heels of National Roast Day 2022, we rounded up some of the best and most scathing Wendy’s roasts directed at rock and metal bands.

Wendy’s is essentially undefeated in the roast game. Even one of metal’s greatest modern bands, Lamb of God, wasn’t able to escape unscathed. Taunting the bull, Lamb of God asked to be roasted, and Wendy’s came back with a devastating, “My dad really dug your stuff.” Randy’s dreadlocks just got a little more grey.

Metalcore and deathcore has long faced the wrath of the heavy metal faithful, which very well may reside behind the Wendy’s Twitter account. After Attila vocalist Fronz called Wendy’s nuggets “faker than a Kardashian butt,” Wendy’s hit him back with, “Knock off Frankie Palmeri has jokes.” Fatality.

Chelsea Grin got the smoke as well. “Why’d Ashes to Ashes take 3 years?” Wendy’s asked. “It can’t be that hard to write a bunch of break downs and scream over it.” Wendy’s does have a point, you know.

Check out this compilation of Wendy's brutally roasting bands in the Loud List below.

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