This song is so sexy you'll swear it's a 'Slayer-less Whisper.'

YouTuber Bill McClintock is becoming pretty well-known for his epic mashups of songs that clearly have no business being together. I don't know if he's ever done a mashup as masterful as this so-wrong-it's-right combination of George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' and Slayer's 'Season in the Abyss.'

Now, as is the case with almost all of these mashups, there are a few parts that feel a little off, but the parts that work really work. Knowing the context of their origin, the fact that Tom Araya's vocals mesh so well with the most quintessential adult contemporary rhythm is quite mindblowing.

Plus, that Jeff Hanneman guitar solo f***ing rips on this.

What's even more impressive, is that they were able to utilize Slayer's music video in such a way that it feels like it was made for this version. It's impressive and it's also pretty sexy. Really, anything you drop that phat ass sax riff on becomes instantly sexy. It's the auditory equivalent of Viagra... but for lady boners too.

If you hardcore metal dudes have been having a hard time selling your lady on using Slayer for the soundtrack for your trips to bone town -- I think you've finally found a compromise that will work.

And also, because I never miss a chance to educate people about the existence of this amazing video -- here's Sexy Sax Man.

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