Almost every Flint kid who came up in the 80s and 90s remembers Pirate's Park on Miller Road in Flint Township, but not like this...

Pirate's Park was awesome back in the day. They had a huge outdoor go-kart racing track, water slides, putt-putt, an arcade, and batting cages. They had bumper boats or something too, if I remember correctly. It really was a fun place to go and I have many fond childhood memories of that place.

Unfortunately, like so many other places us 30-something Flintstones frequented back then -- it's closed. These days, if you want to hit a water slide you'll have to hoof it up to Frankenmuth's Splash Village or the Soaring Eagle water park. Sadly, none of those places have a slide that can rival Pirate's Park's 420-foot (yes, that's the real measurement according to MLive) behemoth know as the Typhoon. Maybe that's just the nostalgia talking, but I remember that thing being bad ass.

It was tough to nail down the exact date the fun park closed, and I seem to remember hearing about it closing and reopening a few times over the years. It was definitely operating in a lesser capacity (batting cages and putt-putt) on weekends in mid-2015. There are also several stories from later that year about plans to clear the grounds for a hotel, storage facility, and an assisted living facility. I'm not sure what happened with those plans, because that was over two years ago and the park still stands.

Photographer Travis James (aka Crypticfilth810 on YouTube and Instagram) is all about documenting these forgotten corners of Flint, as he does in the video above. He's also got a hell of an eye for photography. You might remember some of his images we shared earlier this year of the now devastated Flint Central High School. If not, you can check those out below.

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