In a world where cover tunes rule the music world - why wouldn't 'the man' be bringing back TV shows? There have countless remakes (and cancellations) of television shows, like the 'The Odd Couple' reboot with Matthew Perry (cricket, cricket). Hollywood has even brought back shows back shows like 'Dallas','Will & Grace' and tonight the return of 'Roseanne'.

I love how only in TV and film can you come back from the dead. If you remember Dan Conner (Roseanne's husband) died before the show ended. I feel a dream sequence is near, do you? Another weird thing about the return of 'Roseanne' tonight is the return of not one, but two Becky's. Yes - both actresses that portrayed 'Becky' on the show are coming back. I am sure I could have googled how the show will handle this, but I want to see it for myself tonight. Yes - I will be watching. I can't freaking wait!

I am one of those people who has lost days watching back to back episodes of 'Roseanne' on TV Land. Don't even get me going on 'The Golden Girls'! Can we get a reboot of that show too? How about a golden gal with a smart mouth and a tequila problem?  I wonder who could play that part?

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. I will be on my couch, ready to invite the Conner family back into my home. I don't think they will disappoint, do you?


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