Anyone who grew up in the 80s saw at least one Patrick Swayze movie that connected with them. Whether it was 'Road House,' 'Point Break' or another of his popular flicks that spoke to you, I think we all wanted to be the Swayz-dog at some point back then. Now it's time to see if you got what it takes with our newest quiz -- "Which Patrick Swayze Are You?"

I had so much fun making, sharing and seeing the results of our "Which Banana DJ Are You?" quiz, that I decided to throw another, less intensive one together. I've seen a bunch of these things for 'Star Wars,' 'The Walking Dead' and 'Harry Potter,' but I had yet to see one celebrating the versatile screen career of the late, great Patrick Swayze.

Really, I saw 'Road House' on TV for the 400th time recently (I watch it every time) and wanted to make a quiz where you could end up as Dalton. He had some other great roles too... but they weren't all great. So go ahead. Roll the dice and get the answer to that ancient burning question -- "Which Patrick Swayze Are You?"


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