After nearly six months of being closed down, White House tours will resume at the end of next week.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, most of the country shut down and only essentials business were left open. The shutdowns also included public tours of the White House. However, those tours will resume in a smaller fashion starting on September 12th. First Lady Melania Trump's office made this announcement Tuesday.

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Of course, there will be many new policies and protocols put in place to follow the guidance of Federal, State, and Local officials. To no surprise, face coverings will of course be required for anyone over the age of two. The sizes of the tour groups will also be limited to 18% of normal capacity. Visitors on the tour will also be required to practice social distancing. Finally, tours will only be given on Fridays and Saturdays, as opposed to five days per week.

Members of the public that want to tour the White House must request a tour from their respective member of Congress at least 21 days in advance. U.S. citizens would need one of the following forms of identification: U.S. Driver's License, valid U.S. passport, or U.S. Military ID.

I would love to tour the White House and see what it really looks like. So much history to check out and seeing it up close and personal would be great. The closest I have ever even come to the White House is the movie screen. 'National Treasure' and other movies are great I want to see it in person.

Source: CNN


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