Marvel’s resident green guy Mark Ruffalo recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his experience in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Bruce Banner. He’s also got a theory as to why fans love the MCU so much. "It’s no mistake that people have fallen in love with the Marvel universe because they want to see a world that is just," says Ruffalo. "They want to see people who are fighting for the little guy and on behalf of the little guy." It’s hard not to see the irony in this statement, considering his character of the Hulk happens to be very large. But you get the gist. Watch his full statement below:

However, Ruffalo’s statement doesn’t just apply to the MCU. It’s also how he’s framing his newest project, the upcoming environmental drama Dark Waters. He says that the movie is essentially also "a little guy fighting on behalf of other little guys", much like the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers team. Therefore, he believes that fans of Marvel will (or should) be fans of Dark Waters. It’s a decent point, but Ruffalo is also forgetting another thing in Marvel movies that people love: explosions. Lots of explosions. Last time we checked, Dark Waters didn’t have any of those.

As to the future of the Hulk, no plans are set in stone. Ruffalo has alluded to meetings with Marvel Chief Kevin Feige about Bruce Banner’s future, as well as his interest in a “Hulk vs. Wolverine” movie.

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